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Healthcare IT Virtualization Trends
IT virtualisation in now gaining ground in healthcare environments as the recognition of its' considerable benefits is increasing.
Centriq also offer a virtualisation assessment service, see attached for more details Healthcare IT Virtualisation Assessment[0.3MB]

Key Virtualization benefits:

Healthcare IT Virtualization Consultancy
Centriq are key supporters of IT virtualisation for healthcare, however care must be taken as it is not ideal for all systems and a thorough understanding of the technology and it's application are required. Adopting virtualisation is far from a risk free venture and it is vital to identify the risks and the limitations in the planning stages as numerous projects fail to considers these and hit problems further down the line. Centriq has considerable experience in virtualisation in healthcare and has a high degree of expertise in VMware. Centriq also have teams that have a thorough grounding and experience of the latest software solutions, including Citrix, MS Exchange, SQL, healthcare specific HIS, RIS & PACS which all contribute to successful deployments.

Server Virtualization
Sever virtualisation tends to be the primary reason for adopting virtualisation, as often applications only use 10% of servers resources, so a considerable reduction in physical servers is possible. Centriq are VMware partners and have a high level of expertise in designing and implementing virtualised solutions in hospitals and clinics providing a high level of optimisation and overall cost savings for clients.

Application Virtualization
Solutions such as Citrix XenApp allow applications to be centralised and manage a single instance of each application in a central location and deliver them to users wherever they may be independent of their hardware. This has a massive benefit to the administration of applications as these are controlled centrally.

Green Credentials
The green credentials of IT virtualisation have been rapidly gaining prominence in may markets including healthcare. The simple fact of significantly reducing the number of servers saves direct power, cooling requirements and overall floor space. Some of the less tangible benefits include reduce hardware obsolescence and the more efficient administration of systems requiring less man hours and more flexible support models such as remote operation. Centriq are able to audit current non-virtualised environments and with some preliminary designs can estimate quite accurately potential green savings from a virtualised solution.


Steps to Consider Virtualization
As with most IT related decisions, a major consideration is the cost, and moving to a virtualised solution will require investment. It is important to build a robust business case to quantify the financial benefits and to be realistic about the real savings over time. This process requires a full understanding of your current system, your future requirements and a thorough knowledge of virtualised technology like VMware. This process should result in a full, virtualised design that can be accurately costed and sound decisions made whether to go this route or not. Centriq have considerable experience in virtualisation audits, design, implementation and subsequent support so are ideally placed to support healthcare originations in assessing whether to go this route and which options to choose.

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Healthcare Server Virtualisation
Server virtualisation to dramatically reduce space and cost as well as future scalability

Virtualisation Resilience
Increased resilience with adjustable load-balancing, automatic fail-over and increased up-time.

Virtualisation Consultancy
Centriq's virtualisation consultancy has proven a valuable service for healthcare clients.